When writing academic manuscripts, university cover letters, essays, or dissertation, the importance of editing and proofreading cannot be overemphasized. Above all, they are essential to get your writing the merit it deserves. Eventually, your paper needs to be clear, have the right tone and follow set standards of writing in your field.
It’s evident that you are responsible for the content and structure of your work. But then, a professional editor performs grammar check and ensures that your tone and writing conventions are perfect.
Remember, you must ensure that the basic structure of your paper is on point before submitting for editing. On the one hand, proofreading academic papers involves a superficial search for and correction of errors. On the other hand, editing involves an in-depth look into how information is presented. It focuses on language and consistency. Consequently, editing makes your writing more organized and suitable for your target audience.
One major reason why journals reject articles is poor language usage. The same principle applies to any academic writing too. Proofreading and editing is the way to get your reviewer to focus on the essence of your research. Without proper editing, he will focus on superficial errors, wrong tone, and style.
Many editors keep track of changes using the in-text feedback in Microsoft Word. This way you know what changes were made and could implement what you’ve learned on your next paper. Never be too timid to establish what you need your editor to do.

Computer tools for proofreading and editing

Perhaps, you’d find that using a tool like Grammarly for document grammar check works well. That’s true that these computer tools are great in the early stages of your project. But, software still fall short of many of the new updates in the academic writing space. Therefore, you’ll certainly feel that you need actual human eyes to check your work. So, you might not want to rely on computer tools simply. Rather, you’d approve the idea to hire an agency that offers great academic editing services.

Why choose Insta Translations?

You can either choose to proofread and edit your paper yourself or use a professional editor. However, hiring an editor who offers professional editing services and academic proofreading services is a plus. How? It saves time and helps you get an objective appraisal of your work to note errors and make corrections.

Affordable proofreading services are available at Insta Translations Montreal. We offer quality service editing and proofreading academic papers. Our professional editors are native speakers and academic writing experts. They are usually knowledgeable in various fields of study.
Whether you decide to use our services or not, it is advisable, though, to get an editor that is well versed in your area of specialization. In simple words, she must know what terms and structure to use. Only the right editor will give correct recommendations and tips to improve your writing.

I. Do not let your editor rewrite your paper. This makes it less of your work.
II. Do not let your editor add to your research. He can only flag parts of your paper that need more research and recommend such.