Independent translator Vs. Agency for Translation Services

Thanks to freelancers and translation services, it is now effortless to get your content translated into any language. Needless to mention that the content translation increases trade by about 44%. Once your content is translated, your business gets excellent opportunities to grow. But should you hire an independent translator or a translation agency? That’s a hard question. Don’t worry! We have the answers to your concerns. Just check out this blog.  We’re sure that you’ll learn more about the pros and cons of choosing an independent translator or translation agency. So, let’s get started. Here’s a comparative analysis of both options.


When you choose a translation company, you’re in safe hands. You work with a team of professionals and not one person. That team has years of experience in the translation industry. While a freelancer might not be a reliable selection. Imagine what you will do if your freelancer falls sick? Or she is not able to work on a given day, what will you do? You’d be at risk of missing the deadline. However, a translation agency typically has many translators and translation managers. If one translator is absent for any reason, someone else will take care of your translation order. Therefore you’d get your document translated on time.


It’s all about researching and finding an option that’s under your budgetA freelancer is typically more affordable than a translation company. However, some independent translators can be very expensive. Needless to mention that you may get discounts when you hire a translation company. 


This is a no-brainer. A freelancer can not match the ease of working with a translation company. In fact, a freelancer offers a limited number of languages (typically two). And, if you needed to translate your content into multiple languages, you will have to interview a list of translators. Don’t you think this hiring process troublesome? Whereas, when you hire a translation agency, you will not have to look elsewhere as you’ll get it all under one roof. So, a translation company is a one-stop shop. 

Customer Support

Translation companies have customer support department too. That means someone will be there to respond to your queries. Doesn’t it help control anxiety? Of course, it does. Whereas a freelancer is one person. And she has lots of stuff to handle-from work to customers to accounts. Her huge workload could be terrible because you may have to wait days to get a response.  


It’s now evident that hiring a translation services company is a better option. But that’s not it at all. Because the key lies in finding the company that offers quality translation services, and you’ll be good to go. Get in touch with us to know more about our translation services. We offer all kinds of translation services and cater to all types of clients.

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