Website Design

In addition to our document translation services we also offer web design services. So, what is it?
Web design means the complete look of a website. This process includes: planning the elements of a website such as its structure, layout, images, colors, fonts, and graphics.
People often mix Web design and Web development. But, these two are apart from each other. And, when we build a website for you, we work on both web design and web development.

Components of Web design

The web design process has many components such as graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation.

Website Content creation

The content is king. No doubt that the secret of success of a website is its content. The content creation is simply writing a text for a website? No. it is not. In fact, this is an old-fashioned idea. Whereas, modern-day content writing involves smart strategies. These days content writing is no more a one person’s job rather it’s teamwork. It’s about matching to your audience’s literary level. The content writing is a process of building a textual structure on the 5 W’s and H: Why, What, Who, Where, How and When.

Web Mockup

This is the Step No. 1 towards creating a stunning website for you. Our Web designers get inspired by your ideas. They get to work and prepare a mockup. The mockup demonstrates what your future website will look like. We’ll share these mockups with you in order to get your insights and make improvements in the mockups.

Website That Works

Our ultimate goal is that you get a website that meets your expectations. We meet with you to take notes about your brand, your competitors and your target market. The more information we have, the more prepared we are to deliver the perfect web design for you.

Website Development

Our Web developers take the approved mockup and render it into a fully functional website. Our web developers have technical skills as well as design skills and put them to work creating websites that get traffic. Once a site has been built, we test it to track and resolve any issues e.g. broken links. Once your site has been tested, it is uploaded to a live server. The entire world can now access it to get inspired by your brand.

Website Translation Services

STOP! Translate a site online is free but risky. Online translators can translate website content in a flip of a second. But, can you simply trust the translation quality of an online translator?
We provide you with the website translation done by professional linguists.. Our website translators are localization experts. We can translate websites in multiple languages. Your web content shall be translated, reviewed and validated by our professional translators. Once it has been translated by humans, you can publish your translated web contents with complete peace of mind.

Website localization (L10n)

Website Localization is different from Website translation. A website translation is simply doing a word-to-word translation of your content into one or many foreign languages. Whereas the localization is the process of adapting the language, appearance, and functionality of a website for foreign language markets. The main objective of localization is creating a website that:

  • Takes linguistic and cultural aspects into consideration
  • Keep the original intent of the source text
  • Appears to be created by the natives of the target locale and language

A localized website is essential to the long-term growth of any business.

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