Preorder analysis

When you send us a translation quote request, our team assesses your files and performs an in-depth analysis. It may include many things such as file types, content, word count, repetitions, terminology, etc. Once the analysis is completed, our translation agency sends you a quote.


INSTA TRANSLATIONS is committed to sharing essential information with its clients. Therefore our translation estimate exhibits a list of following items:

  • Services
  • Project tracking ID
  • Description
  • Delivery date
  • Word count
  • Payment gateways
  • Unit price
  • Terms & conditions

Project launch

Your translation order becomes ACTIVE once we receive your authorization. A qualified translation project manager is assigned to handle your order. The translation manager sets the milestones and keeps track of the progress of all milestones.


Our translation agency maintains a large databank of translators and proofreaders. At the project launch, our translation project manager sends the translation request to the linguist with expertise in translating the content-type of your files. The proofreader is chosen the same way as a translator.

To learn more about our team please go to Our Team.