Scientific Translations

French English Technical Translation-minScientific translation is also sometimes referred to Technical Translation. But there’s a thin line that separates scientific and technical documents. Technical translation is a general term. It covers a variety of translations such as financial translation, legal translation, medical translation, etc. Whereas in its most limited meanings, technical translation deals with documents related to engineering, information technology (IT), industrial, electronics, etc. Therefore, when referring to the documentation mentioned above, scientific translation is a more appropriate term. Scientific translation is a very specialized form of translation. In this category, technical writers produce a document for technical-minded readers of a foreign language. There are many types of scientific documents. Here’s a list of few types of technical documents.

Types of technical documents

  • Automotive
  • Industrial equipment installation
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical 
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Research and development documentation
  • Site surveys
  • Software or App localization
  • Supplier contracts
  • Training manuals 

Insta Translations- Your technical translation partner

Most of the clients demand technical translation from French to English. At Insta translations we also handle English to French engineering translations. We serve your translation needs in Asian, African and European languages. Our turnaround is quick, and prices are competitive. We have committed team that monitors the workflow of technical translation projects. That assures an on-time delivery. Our project managers conduct QAs so that the final translations meet industry standards. Our technical translators are quality-driven.       

Insta Translations –a Technical Translation agency

At Insta Translations, we are helping companies, and individuals get their technical documents translated in their desired language. Technical documents sometimes have rare file types. These types depend upon the software that created a specific file. And, a long list of software is out there for technical writers. A technical translation agency may not have all those software installed on its systems. Therefore, a CAT ( Computer-aided translation) tool comes into play to do the job. A CAT-tool such as SDL TRADOS or MEMOQ, etc. can read the content of most file types: .xml,.ppt,.csv,.idml and many other too. And thus, translators can input their translation without the trouble of purchasing and learning new software. Our technical translators are equipped with CAT tools and are ready to receive your files created in any software.

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