When comes the time to submit your writing, three steps are essential: Revision, Editing, and Proofreading. To be brief, these steps will ensure that your writing has no spelling, syntactic, or grammatical mistakes.
We provide these language services at Insta Translations.


  • The term revision says all of itself. In particular, revision refers to conducting a re-VISION of previous work (or a source document). That’s why it’s a CROSS-language job. A reviser is a polyglot and native speaker of the target language. No doubt that she is a key person in the entire translation project. Therefore, she is also known as a QA person. Her responsibilities include:
    • Terminology check
    • Clarifying existing thoughts
    • Choosing more descriptive words
    • Eliminating unnecessary elements.

In the final step, the revised file is sent back to the translator/writer. Lastly, the writer validates the revised parts.


This service generally refers to review text and modify it. Subsequently, the main objective is the improvement of the flow of the text. Keeping that in mind, our editors will correct any obvious errors in your writing. And thus, our editors use all their skills to ensure the writing makes sense and clarify any ambiguity.


This service comes last. A proofreader does the job with an eye for errors. Hiring a document proofreader is particularly helpful if you’re writing in your second language. Proofreading generally refers to the process of examining the final draft of writing—after it has been edited—to ensure there are absolutely no errors. Our proofreader will review for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of target language.

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