Checking is a lot more than performing spelling, grammar or punctuation checks. Checking is carried out by an experienced translator who scans through an entire translation and tracks if there were instances of incorrect transfer of meaning from the source to the target language. The checker reports any translation errors (using Track Changes in Microsoft WORD) to the project manager. In today’s translation industry there are various types of translation checks. A few of those are described below.

Review by a second translator 

We offer this as an optional service with our regular translation services. It may also be called as “auditing” the translated text by a second translator. The objective is to ensure that the translation is free from any misrepresentation of the source text. Although our translators are capable of producing a high-quality natural-sounding translation, however, we recommend our clients to “opt-in” for our revision by a second translator service.

Pre-production review 

The foremost goal here is to deliver you a clean translation. Therefore it is vital to track bad typesetting, line or page breaks, document layout of an already proofed translation before printing and/or delivering. Pre-Production is carried out for every translation and is included in the price.

QA (Quality Assurance) 

The process includes many, generally computer-assisted, QAs that identify grammatical errors and text format problems, etc. A QA check is carried out for every translation and is included in the price. To learn more about our Checking services, go to Proofreading and Editing services.