Certified Translations

Official translationSometimes you’d need to have translated your personal documents translated into a foreign language. The personal documents could include a marriage certificate or an academic document or a passport or property-related documents. Some local or foreign authorities demand a certified translation of personal documents. At Insta Translations we provide you with certified translations of your personal documents at very competitive prices. Insta Translations deliver certified and notarized translations of personal documents. Our certified translations are acceptable by Canadian and foreign jurisdictions. So why put your time searching for a professional translator. Just send us your documents and we’ll conveniently fulfill your documents translations-related needs at our office. Our turnaround is fast and prices are very competitive.

Certified Translation in Montreal

Certified translations are also called as Official Translations. A certified translation or an official translation is done by a certified translator or by an LSP (Language Service Provider) who affixes her seal and signs on the translation.

A certified translation is offered (but not limited to) for the following documents:

  • Certified translation of a birth certificate
  • Certified translation of a marriage certificate
  • Certified translation of a divorce certificate
  • Certified translation of a death certificate
  • Certified translation of university degrees
  • Certified translation of driver’s license
  • Certified translation of the statement of marks
  • Certified translation of school report
  • Certified translation of police clearance certificate
  • Certified translation of employment record
  • Certified translation of medical records
  • Certified translation of real estate deeds and leases
  • Certified translation of visas, immigration and custom documents
  • Certified translation of diplomas and degrees
  • Certified translation of passports

Certified translators in Quebec

In Québec, l’Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ),, grants the certification that enables translators to produce government-approved translations. The OTTIAQ provides members of the public with an electronic directory containing the names of translators authorized to produce a translation recognized by the government.

Most common language pairs

There is a long list of certified translators in common language pairs i.e. French into English translation, English into French translation in Montreal, Spanish into French translator in Montreal and Spanish into English translators in Montreal, etc., etc.

Rare language pairs

There’s no certified translator-for certain languages-in the province of Quebec. There’s not a single Urdu to English certified translator in Montreal (as of 1-11-2018). That’s not it. No certified translator for Tamil into French, Dutch into French, Indonesian into French or English, etc.

So, if your document is in a local language ( French or English) or in a foreign language, upload a scanned image your personal document here:
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