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French to English Legal TranslationsWhat is Legal Translation?

A legal translation is much more complex than regular translation. Legal translation process involves the usage of the official language of the pertinent jurisdiction. This type of translation is needed for immigration documents, litigation papers, articles of incorporation, court orders, wills, and trusts, etc. The translation of legal documents must only be done by subject matter experts. Insta Translations assign legal translation projects to those translators who have proven work experience and knowledge of the laws of the source and target countries/languages. Therefore our deliverables are seamless without mistranslations.

Legal translation process

Legal translation uses content and terms within the legal system prevailing in the country where the source document originated. The need for legal translation is huge in today’s world. The differences in legal systems make legal translation a very complex type of translation process. Some countries have a clear division between secular and religious law. In Saudi Arabia, the country’s legal system is greatly organized around the laws of Islam, but the government also added some secular codes because of the country’s desire to be a major player in the global business. Morocco and Pakistan, on the other hand, have a legal system that is a combination of Secular law and Islamic law.

Legal translation by Human Translators at Insta Translations

Legal documents are vital parts for any legal proceedings. That’s why a legal translation cannot be done by online translators such as Google or Microsoft or any other type of online translators. These online translators are free and fast, however, would you want to rely on the accuracy of an online translated document? You might have said NO. Correct?
A broad knowledge of the two legal systems is involved while translating a legal document. Therefore a machine translation is not the right solution for legal translation. A machine translation cannot produce conceptual equivalents. Sometimes the exact legal expression from the source language is a must to be included in the translation. For these reasons, human translators are the best choice for legal translations. Legal translation is also sometimes a lengthy process. It requires the highest degree of accuracy.
Insta Translation is a professional language service provider. Our linguists are legal translation experts.
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