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In the age of the internet, the machine translation (MT) is in fashion. Perhaps, you know it as “online translation.” Of course, it is fast and it’s free too. However, online translation lacks accuracy. Haven’t you seen yourself that online translators produce funny phrases? And, it might have taken a lot of your time fixing those errors. Right? Therefore, online translators are not reliable. So what should you do? Well, the answer is simple. Go for “Human Translations.” It’s the most authentic solution to translate your ideas accurately into a foreign language. Contact us now to get your documents translated by professional translators. Our translation agency provides certified, technical and general translations at affordable prices.

Our translation services:

  • Business translation
  • Financial translation
  • legal translation 
  • Medical translation 
  • Literary translation 
  • Academic translation  
  • Technical translation
  • Website translation

    Professional translators

Our translators are subject-matter experts in various domains including :

• Advertising
• Certificates, Diplomas, Licences, CVs
• Computers
• Conversation/Greetings/Letters
• Education/Pedagogy
• Finance
• Law
• Medical
• Public Relations
• Science
• Social Science
• Sociology, Ethics, etc.

We provide translation services in the following (and more) language pairs:

Arabic to French
Chinese to French
English to French
German to French
Greek to French
Hebrew to French
Hindi to French
Italian to French
Japanese to French
Mandarin to French
Polish to French
Portuguese to French
Punjabi to French
Russian to French
Spanish to French
Tagalog to French
Tamil to French
Urdu to French
French to Arabic
French to Chinese
French to English
French to Hebrew
French to German
French to Greek
French to Hindi
French to Italian
French to Japanese
French to Mandarin
French to Polish
French to Portuguese
French to Punjabi
French to Russian
French to Spanish
French to Tagalog
French to Tamil
French to Urdu
Arabic to English
Chinese to English
French to English
German to English
Greek to English
Hebrew to English
Hindi to English
Italian to English
Japanese to English
Mandarin to English
Polish to English
Portuguese to English
Punjabi to English
Russian to English
Spanish to English
Tagalog to English
Tamil to English
Urdu to English
English to Arabic
English to Chinese
English to French
English to German
English to Greek
English to Hebrew
English to Hindi
English to Italian
English to Japanese
English to Mandarin
English to Polish
English to Portuguese
English to Punjabi
English to Russian
English to Spanish
English to Tagalog
English to Tamil
English to Urdu






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